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Russian Business Magazine in Cyprus

Circulation: 3000 copies every 3 months.

Format: A4, glossy, 100 pages

Distribution: Delivery – 1200 businessmen in Cyprus, 20-30 copies to each advertiser (banks, auditors, accountants, business service providers). The rest of copies are distributed during business events (at least 6 for every issue). A free copy of the magazine can be found in few business halls and selected 5*hotels in Cyprus. It is sold in several esteemed kiosks and shops all over Cyprus (65 selected outlets).

Issue schedule: January, April, July, October.

Advertising cost (full prepayment 30 days before publishing):

The payment should be done one month prior the issue (1st of June for July issue, for example). Pages are distributed on «first came, first served basis». We offer discount on one year prepayment.

  of a page Advert to be placed once

Yearly agreement

(4 adverts),

price per issue


(width x height, mm)

Regular page (right) Any page after №25 1375 1100 216x303 (A4+3mm bleed on each side)
Regular page Any page after № 60 1250 1000 216x303 (A4+3mm bleed on each side)
Two pages spread On availability 2000 1600 426x303
1/2 of a page (horizontal) On availability 810 650 133x303
1/3 of a page (vertical) 610 490 216x148
Exclusive Page 17 1435 1150


(A4+3mm bleed

on each side)

Exclusive Page 15 1500 1200
Exclusive Page 13 1550 1240
Exclusive Page 11 1600 1280
Exclusive Page 7 1900 1520
Exclusive Page 2 2000 1600
Double-page spread 8-9 2900 2320 426x303
Double-page spread 4-5 3200 2560

Last inside cover page

99 2000 1600 216x303 (A4+3mm bleed on each side)

Last outside cover page

100 2600 2080 216x303 (A4+3mm bleed on each side)

• Dead-line for booking adverts is one month prior the issue (1st of June for July issue, for example).

• Website of the magazine (daily updates) www.cyprusrussianbusiness.com. You may advertise there as well or place there your articles and press-releases (100 euro per item). 


Online Cyprus BUSINESS news and articles in Russian language



cyprusrussianbusiness banner map Content:

This is the only website in Russian that focuses on CYPRUS BUSINESS news. The website is addressed to Russian business people and has updates with news, statistics, analytics and articles devoted to European and Mediterranean business activity.


The website has from 170 to 550 unique visitors per day (around 8,000 per month). It means they’ll see each banner hundreds times.

You may promote your business through:

· A banner, connected to your website;

· A press-release/thematic article (100 euro per placement, It will stay on the site for ever).

· Advertising article (100 euro, no time limit)

· A photo reportage, article, your own blog, an expert opinion to any of our news – price on request.

Free bonus: During the period that a banner is placed on the website, the company-advertiser may publish 1 press-release or article per week free of charge.




(width x height)


for 1 day


for 1 week

Price for

1 month

Place № 1, 2 260x130 20 140 400
Place 3 260x260 25 170 550
Place № 4, 5 260x260 17 115 350
Place № 6 260x300 17 115 350
Place № 7 260x300 15 100 300
Place № 8 260x260 10 65 200
Place № 9, 10 260x300 10 65 200
Place 11* 975x130 35 230 700
*this banner is on top of all news pages


1. Every banner place may accommodate up to three advertisers in the same period of time.

2. The above prices are in EUR and do not include VAT.

3. The cost of placement is indicated in the table above and depends on the size and position of a banner.
Payment should be done 3 working days prior publishing.

4. We offer following discounts:
-20% for all advertisers of paper version of the Successful Business magazine. -5% for 2 months prepayment, -10% for 3 months prepayment, -20% for 6 months prepayment, -30% for 12 months prepayment.
Please send an e-mail to your advertising consultant if you know anyone in our office.
Otherwise call us to get more information – tel. 25 590530.





Content: Cyprus-related news and articles.

Subscribers: 3,000 Russian-speaking recipients/readers.

Advertising and promotion:
We offer several options including banner placements, press releases, articles, interviews.

The cost is €100 per newsletter for any option.
The price does not include 19% VAT.

• All banners and texts should be fully prepaid.
• Advertisement templates should be provided in RUSSIAN and approved 1 working day prior to publication in the newsletter.
• We can translate your text into Russian (€21 per page or per 250 words).
• Banner format: JPG. Resolution: 72 dpi. Size: 975x100 px.
• A simple banner design: from €20 per unit.
• Press-release/article/interview format: text up to 200 words + 1-3 pictures (file format JPG, size 750x465 px).

Otherwise call us to get more information – tel. 25 590530.

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